Table of Contents


  1. Pre-Installation
  2. Installation
  3. Post-Installation
  4. Apply the HotFix
  5. Starting and Stopping Proactive Monitoring Components
  6. Logging In to Client Tools
  7. Configure Reporting
  8. Installation and Configuration Checklist

Installation Guide

Installation Guide

Step 3. Edit the Import File

The installer installs the reporting workflow .xml file that you need to edit and import into the PowerCenter repository.
  1. Find the file named ETL_ALL_PMPC_v30HF1.xml on the machine where you installed Proactive Monitoring for PowerCenter.
    You can find the file in the following location:
    <Proactive Monitoring installation directory>/Solutions/PMPC/reporting/etl/<database type>/
  2. Update the .xml file to replace the following placeholder values with values specific to your environment:
    • REPORTING_DOMAIN. Replace with the name of the Informatica domain.
    • REPORTING_IS_NAME. Replace with the name of the PowerCenter Integration Service to run these workflows.
    • REPORTING_CONNECTION_NAME. Replace with the connection name for the Proactive Monitoring repository database.
    • PM_SCHEMA. Replace with the Proactive Monitoring schema name. Default name is "Proactive_Monitoring."
  3. Copy the file to the PowerCenter Client machine.
After you edit the file, you can import it into the PowerCenter repository.