Table of Contents


  1. Pre-Installation
  2. Installation
  3. Post-Installation
  4. Apply the HotFix
  5. Starting and Stopping Proactive Monitoring Components
  6. Logging In to Client Tools
  7. Configure Reporting
  8. Installation and Configuration Checklist

Installation Guide

Installation Guide

Configure the Control File

The installer uses pmrep to import the reporting workflow into the PowerCenter repository. You must configure the control file that pmrep uses to perform the import.
The extracted installer files contain a control file with the parameters required to import the workflow. You need to update the parameter values based on your repository. Find the control file associated with the PowerCenter repository database type.
The control file is in the following location:
<Installer download directory>\bin\packs\controlFile\<database type>\
The following example shows the control file text that you need to edit:
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?> <!-- edited with XMLSPY v5 U ( by a_patil (Informatica) --> <!--Sample XML file generated by XMLSPY v5 U (> <IMPORTPARAMS > <FOLDERMAP SOURCEFOLDERNAME="pmpc_reporting_<database>" SOURCEREPOSITORYNAME="RS_1" TARGETFOLDERNAME="" TARGETREPOSITORYNAME=""/> <RESOLVECONFLICT> <TYPEOBJECT OBJECTTYPENAME="All" RESOLUTION="REUSE"/> </RESOLVECONFLICT> </IMPORTPARAMS>
The following table describes the parameters that you need to update in the control file:
The name of the target folder where you want to store the reporting workflow.
The name of the PowerCenter repository.
When you run the installer, you must provide a path to the control file.