Table of Contents


  1. Pre-Installation
  2. Installation
  3. Post-Installation
  4. Apply the HotFix
  5. Starting and Stopping Proactive Monitoring Components
  6. Logging In to Client Tools
  7. Configure Reporting
  8. Installation and Configuration Checklist

Installation Guide

Installation Guide

Plan the Installation

The Proactive Monitoring for PowerCenter installation contains dependencies between the installer tasks and the pre- and post-installation tasks. Before you run the installer, you need to decide on some tasks that you want the installer to perform and the tasks that you will perform.
Some tasks that the installer can perform require the Informatica command line utilities. If you want the installer to perform the tasks, you must install and configure the command line utilities on the machine where you plan to install Proactive Monitoring for PowerCenter. The configuration tasks include copying domain files and setting environment variables.
The installer can perform the following tasks:
Validate the domain.
The installer validates the domain and service information that you specify in the install wizard.
If you do not install the command line utilities, and you enter domain or service information during installation that is not valid, the installer completes without errors, but the Proactive Monitoring instance will not be valid. You must then manually remove the installation and run the installer again.
Import the workflow and enable reporting.
The installer imports the workflow that generates reports from results written to the Proactive Monitoring repository.
If you do not install the command line utilities and enable reporting in the install wizard, you must manually configure reporting. To configure reporting after installation, you must edit the import .xml file and then import it into the PowerCenter repository.