Table of Contents


  1. Pre-Installation
  2. Installation
  3. Post-Installation
  4. Apply the HotFix
  5. Starting and Stopping Proactive Monitoring Components
  6. Logging In to Client Tools
  7. Configure Reporting
  8. Installation and Configuration Checklist

Installation Guide

Installation Guide

The Installation Process

The installation process consists of the following high-level phases:
  1. Pre-installation tasks. Before you run the installer, perform the following tasks to plan and prepare for the installation:
    • Verify the system requirements.
    • Prepare the PowerCenter and Proactive Monitoring databases.
    • Install the command line utilities.
    • Record installation information required by the installer.
  2. Installation. Install Proactive Monitoring in graphical mode on Windows or in console mode on UNIX. The installer completes the following tasks:
    • Creates Proactive Monitoring services.
    • Creates schemas in the Proactive Monitoring repository.
    • Validates the domain.
    • Configures and deploys web applications for configuring and monitoring the PowerCenter environment.
    • Starts the services.
  3. Post-installation tasks. After you run the installer, you perform the following post-install tasks:
    • Verify the installation.
    • Configure the node agent if you perform operations monitoring.
    • Enable dashboard alerts.
    • Import keystore file.
Refer to the instructions in this guide for detailed information. You can also use the installation checklist as a guideline when you install Proactive Monitoring.