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  1. Preface
  2. Introduction to Informatica Address Verification (On-Premises)
  3. General Settings
  4. Input Parameters
  5. Process Parameters
  6. Address Enrichments
  7. Result Parameters
  8. Output Fields
  9. Assessment Codes and Return Codes
  10. Frequently Asked Questions
  11. Geocode Countries

Developer Guide (On-Premises)

Developer Guide (On-Premises)

Address Code Lookup

Address Code Lookup

The Address Verification reference data includes unique values that represent part of an address or the complete address. To return the value for an address, or to retrieve the address information that a key value represents, configure Informatica Address Verification in address code lookup mode.
In address code lookup mode, you can retrieve address information for the following countries:
  • Austria
  • Germany
  • Japan
  • South Korea
  • Serbia
  • South Africa
  • United Kingdom
To configure Informatica Address Verification in address code lookup mode, specify the address code for the information that you require in the
file. When you submit the address code lookup values for processing, Address Verification returns the partial or complete addresses that correspond to the values. You must also install the corresponding address code lookup (
) database and add the required unlock codes to

Address Codes in InputData.xml

The following table lists the address codes that you can add to
Address Code
An Austria address has a PAC_ID value when the address receives mail at another address at the same location.
The PAC_ID value is the Postal Address Code (PAC) value of the corresponding address that receives the mail.
For example, a PAC_ID value of 100004254 returns the following address:
Neue-Welt-Gasse 2 8010 Graz AUT
The address that gives access to the mailbox is the Ident address.
The Amtliche Gemeindeschlüssel (AGS) is a variable length value that uniquely identifies a municipality in Germany. An AGS value might return more than one level of municipality information.
See also
The Locality ID is a variable length value that uniquely identifies a German locality.
See also
The Street ID is a variable length value that uniquely identifies a German street address.
For example, when you validate the following address:
Röntgenstr. 9 67133 Maxdorf Germany
Address Verification returns the following additional information in the address output:
DEU_AGS: 07338018 DEU_LOCALITY_ID: 68015519 DEU_STREET_ID: 100560690
The Choumei Aza code is an 11-digit value that defines a unique delivery point for Japan addresses.
For example, a JPN_CHOUMEI_AZA_CODE of 28201160001 fetches the following result:
01 Chome Taderahiga-shi Himeji-shi Hyogo-ken 670-0081 Japan
You can use the Choumei Aza code in address code lookup mode to find the current version of an address. For more information, see Extended Archives and Japan Addresses.
The Choumei Aza code is an 11-digit value that defines a unique delivery point for Japan addresses. The Gaiku code is a four-digit value that identifies a city block in Japan. The combined Choumei Aza code and Gaiku code helps you to retrieve more accurate addresses from Address Verification.
South Korea
The address ID for South Korea addresses is a unique string that Address Verification assigns to a South Korea addresses. You can retrieve the address ID as an enrichment to archived South Korea addresses. You then use the address ID in the address code lookup mode to retrieve a different version of the address.
The Postal Address Code (PAK) is a six digit value that defines a unique Serbian address to the street level.
For example, a SRB_PAK value of 251133 fetches the following result:
Majora Ilica 1 14000 Valjevo Serbia
South Africa
The National Address Database (NAD) ID is a unique numeric ID assigned to a South Africa street address.
For example, a ZAF_NADID value of 2170232 fetches the following result:
4 Balmoral Road Vincent East London 5247 South Africa
United Kingdom
The Unique Delivery Point Reference Number (UDPRN) is an eight-character value that uniquely identifies a postal address in the Royal Mail PAF database.
For example, a GBR_UDPRN value of 15511432 fetches the following result:
Flat 16 Haden Court Lennox Road London N4 3HS United Kingdom
United Kingdom
Unique Property Reference Number (UPRN) is a numeric value that uniquely identifies a land or property unit in the United Kingdom.
For example, a GBR_UPRN value of 151117706 fetches the following result:
2 Drumforber Cottage Laurencekirk AB30 1RS United Kingdom

Transaction Key and Record ID Values in Address Code Lookup Mode

If the address records in your organization contain transaction keys or record ID values, you can use the values in address code lookup mode. When you include the values in the input addresses, Address Verification passes the values through to the output addresses. You can then enter a transaction key or record ID value in address code lookup mode to query the output addresses and to return the address that matches the value.
Use the Key element to enter the values. The Key element has the types TRANSACTION_KEY and RECORD_ID.


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