Table of Contents


  1. About the Enterprise Data Preparation Administrator Guide
  2. Introduction to Enterprise Data Preparation Administration
  3. Getting Started
  4. Administration Process
  5. User Account Setup
  6. Search Configuration
  7. Roles, Privileges, and Profiles
  8. Data Asset Access and Publication Management
  9. Masking Sensitive Data
  10. Monitoring Enterprise Data Preparation
  11. Backing Up and Restoring Enterprise Data Preparation
  12. Managing the Data Lake
  13. Schedule Export, Import and Publish Activities
  14. Interactive Data Preparation Service
  15. Enterprise Data Preparation Service

Enterprise Data Preparation Administrator Guide

Enterprise Data Preparation Administrator Guide

Enterprise Data Preparation User Management Overview

Enterprise Data Preparation
User Management Overview

You can assign privileges, roles, and permissions to users or groups of users to manage the level of access users and groups can have and the scope of the actions that users and groups can perform in the domain.
To access the application services and objects in the Informatica domain and to use the application clients, you must have a user account.
Enterprise Data Catalog
installation, a default administrator user account is created. Use the default administrator account to log in to the Informatica domain and manage application services, domain objects, and other user accounts.
Groups, privileges, and roles determine the tasks that a user can perform. You can add a user account to a group to create a set of users that have the same authorization. Assign the group or user accounts the privileges on the role that includes the required privileges on the
Enterprise Data Preparation Service
For more information about
Enterprise Data Preparation
user management , refer to the PDF documentation on Informatica Network. To access Informatica Network, visit