Table of Contents


  1. Preface
  2. Introduction to Informatica Big Data Management
  3. Connections
  4. Mappings in the Hadoop Environment
  5. Mapping Objects in the Hadoop Environment
  6. Monitoring Mappings in the Hadoop Environment
  7. Mappings in the Native Environment
  8. Profiles
  9. Native Environment Optimization
  10. Data Type Reference
  11. Function Reference
  12. Parameter Reference
  13. Multiple Blaze Instances on a Cluster

Step 2. Configure Data Integration Service Properties

Step 2. Configure Data Integration Service Properties

Configure Data Integration Service properties to enable two Blaze instances on the Hadoop environment.
You can create a Data Integration Service, or configure one that has not run mappings using the Blaze engine.
Configure Data Integration Service properties in the Administrator tool.

Data Integration Service Process Properties

Configure the following property on the
The port that the Data Integration Service uses to communicate with the cluster over HTTP.
Configure the port with a number that no other process uses.
The following image shows the HTTP Port property:

Data Integration Service Properties

The following table describes the Hadoop properties to configure for the Data Integration Service:
Informatica Home Directory on Hadoop
The Big Data Management home directory on every data node created by the installer. Default is
Hadoop Distribution Directory
The directory containing a collection of Hive and Hadoop .jar files on the cluster from the RPM Install locations. The directory contains the minimum set of .jar files required to process Informatica mappings in a Hadoop environment.
You can duplicate an existing Hadoop distribution folder if you want to use the same domain as an existing Grid Manager. For example, if you use the distribution folder
for production, you can duplicate it and name the folder like
The distribution folders reside in
<Informatica installation directory>/services/shared/hadoop/
. For example,
/<Informatica installation directory>/services/shared/hadoop/cloudera_cdh<version>
When you use two Informatica domains to run mappings on the same cluster, do not duplicate the Hadoop distribution folder.
Data Integration Service Hadoop Distribution Directory
The Hadoop distribution directory on the Data Integration Service node.
/<Informatica installation directory>/Informatica/services/shared/hadoop/<Hadoop distribution name>_<version number>
For example:
Configure the Data Integration Service Hadoop Distribution Directory property with the folder on the domain that contains the Hadoop distribution settings that you want to use for the new Blaze instance.
The contents of the Data Integration Service Hadoop distribution directory must be identical to Hadoop distribution directories on the data nodes.