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Data Transformation Getting Started Guide

Data Transformation Getting Started Guide

Creating a Parser Overview

Creating a Parser Overview

In this lesson, you create an empty Data Processor transformation with the Developer tool. After you create a Data Processor transformation, you add a Script object with a Parser.

Lesson Concepts

When you create an empty Data Processor transformation, you define components such as the Script to transform the data. A Script transforms input data in one format and writes output data in another format. Create a Script on the
tab of the Data Processor transformation. Use the
editor to view a Script, add and configure components, and set the startup component for a Script.
Parsers are Script components that read source documents in any format. In many parsing applications, the source documents have a fixed page layout. Bills, invoices, and account statements often have a fixed page layout. In such cases, you can configure a Parser that uses a positional format to find the data fields. The transformation uses an output schema to define the expected hierarchy of the output XML.
The Parser uses anchors and data holders. Anchors identify data in the input text file. Data holders identify data in the output XML file.
You use marker anchors and content anchors to identify data. You define a character or field that marks the location of a data value with a
. You define the field that contains the value with a

Lesson Objectives

In this lesson, perform the following beginner tasks:
  • Create a Data Processor transformation to contain components that transform documents.
  • Create a Script with a Parser in the Data Processor transformation to transform PDF input to output in an XML hierarchy.

Lesson Prerequisites

Before you start this lesson, verify the following prerequisites:

Lesson Timing

Set aside 5 to 10 minutes to perform the tasks in this lesson.