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Data Transformation Getting Started Guide

Data Transformation Getting Started Guide

Creating a Serializer Overview

Creating a Serializer Overview

In this lesson, you create an empty Data Processor transformation with the Developer tool. After you create a Data Processor transformation, you add a Script object with a Serializer.

Lesson Concepts

After you create an empty Data Processor transformation, you can create and configure different Script components to transform data from one format to another format.
A Serializer converts an XML or JSON file to an output document in any format. Serialization is the opposite of parsing. For example, the output of a Serializer can be a text document, an HTML document, or even another XML document.
Serialization anchors are the main components in a serializer. Serialization anchors read data from locations in the source document and write the data to XML.
writes the content of a data holder to the output document. A
writes a predefined string to the output.

Lesson Objectives

In this lesson, perform the following tasks:
  • Create a Data Processor transformation to contain components that transform documents.
  • Create a Script with a Serializer in the Data Processor transformation to transform input in an XML hierarchy to text output.

Lesson Prerequisites

Before you start this lesson, verify the following prerequisites:

Lesson Timing

Set aside 20 minutes to perform the tasks in this lesson.