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Data Transformation Getting Started Guide

Data Transformation Getting Started Guide

XMap Overview

XMap Overview

In this lesson, you create an empty Data Processor transformation with the Developer tool. After you create a Data Processor transformation, you add an XMap object.

Lesson Concepts

After you create a Data Processor transformation, you add an XMap to transform the data. You configure the XMap with input and output schemas and an example source. An XMap uses input and output schemas to define the expected hierarchy of input and output documents. An XMap can transform any input XML document whose elements match the input schema hierarchy into an output document with the hierarchy of the output schema.
A mapping statement determines how to map data from the input XML document to the output XML document. When you drag a node from the input schema to the output schema, the XMap editor creates mapping statements in a grid. You can edit mapping statement fields in the grid to change the logic for a mapping statement.
A Repeating Group statement is a mapping statement that can occur multiple times. The Data Processor transformation performs the Repeating Group statement for each element or value that is a result of the Input XPath expression.
The Repeating Group input is an XPath expression that can evaluate to a sequence of elements or values. XPath is a query language used to select nodes in an XML document and perform computations.
Repeating Group statements can contain Map statements. A Map statement is the basic XMap object and maps a simple input value to a simple output value. The input is a single value or a constant value.

Lesson Objectives

In this lesson, you complete the following beginner tasks:
  • Create a Data Processor transformation to contain components that transform documents.
  • Create an XMap in the Data Processor transformation to transform input with an XML hierarchy to output with a different XML hierarchy.
  • Open an XMap in the XMap editor.
  • Create a Repeating Group statement to pass repeating sets of details for doctors to the output.
  • Create Map statements to pass a specific doctor detail to the output.
  • Validate the transformation.

Lesson Prerequisites

Before you start this lesson, verify the following prerequisites:

Lesson Timing

Set aside 20 minutes to complete the tasks in this lesson.