Table of Contents


  1. Preface
  2. Analyst Service
  3. Content Management Service
  4. Data Integration Service
  5. Data Integration Service Architecture
  6. Data Integration Service Management
  7. Data Integration Service Grid
  8. Data Integration Service Applications
  9. Metadata Manager Service
  10. Model Repository Service
  11. PowerCenter Integration Service
  12. PowerCenter Integration Service Architecture
  13. High Availability for the PowerCenter Integration Service
  14. PowerCenter Repository Service
  15. PowerCenter Repository Management
  16. PowerExchange Listener Service
  17. PowerExchange Logger Service
  18. Reporting Service
  19. Reporting and Dashboards Service
  20. SAP BW Service
  21. Search Service
  22. System Services
  23. Test Data Manager Service
  24. Web Services Hub
  25. Application Service Upgrade
  26. Application Service Databases
  27. Connecting to Databases from Windows
  28. Connecting to Databases from UNIX
  29. Updating the DynamicSections Parameter of a DB2 Database

Oracle Database Requirements

Use the following guidelines when you set up the repository on Oracle:
  • Set the storage size for the tablespace to a small number to prevent the repository from using an excessive amount of space. Also verify that the default tablespace for the user that owns the repository tables is set to a small size.
    The following example shows how to set the recommended storage parameter for a tablespace named REPOSITORY:
    Verify or change the storage parameter for a tablespace before you create the repository.
  • Verify that the database user has the CONNECT, RESOURCE, and CREATE VIEW privileges.
  • Informatica does not support Oracle public synonyms for repository tables. Verify that public synonyms have not been created for any tables in the database.