Table of Contents


  1. Preface
  2. Command Line Programs and Utilities
  3. Installing and Configuring Command Line Utilities
  4. Using the Command Line Programs
  5. Environment Variables for Command Line Programs
  6. Using infacmd
  7. infacmd as Command Reference
  8. infacmd aud Command Reference
  9. Infacmd bg Command Reference
  10. infacmd cms Command Reference
  11. infacmd dis Command Reference
  12. Infacmd es Command Reference
  13. infacmd ihs Command Reference
  14. infacmd ipc Command Reference
  15. infacmd isp Command Reference
  16. infacmd ldm Command Reference
  17. infacmd mrs Command Reference
  18. infacmd ms Command Reference
  19. infacmd oie Command Reference
  20. infacmd ps Command Reference
  21. infacmd pwx Command Reference
  22. infacmd rms Command Reference
  23. infacmd rtm Command Reference
  24. infacmd sch Command Reference
  25. infacmd search Command Reference
  26. infacmd sql Command Reference
  27. infacmd tdm Command Reference
  28. infacmd wfs Command Reference
  29. infacmd ws Command Reference
  30. infacmd xrf Command Reference
  31. infacmd Control Files
  32. infasetup Command Reference
  33. pmcmd Command Reference
  34. pmrep Command Reference
  35. Working with pmrep Files

infacmd Command Programs

infacmd Command Programs

The infacmd program supports all Informatica application services. The Informatica domain has a separate infacmd programs to support each application service.
The command line interface has the following infacmd programs:
  • infacmd advanced manages advanced features like account lockout and plug-in validation.
  • infacmd as manages Analyst Services.
  • infacmd cms manages Content Management Services.
  • infacmd csm manages the CSM diagnostics.
  • infacmd dis manages Data Integration Services.
  • infacmd ide migrates Data Explorer Legacy objects to Informatica Data Explorer.
  • infacmd ipc exports mappings from the Model repository to the PowerCenter repository.
  • infacmd isp administers the domain, security, and PowerCenter application services.
  • infacmd mrs manages Model Repository Services.
  • infacmd ms lists and runs deployed mappings.
  • infacmd oie manages exporting objects from the Model repository and importing objects into the Model repository.
  • infacmd ps manages the profiling warehouse contents, profiles, and scorecards.
  • infacmd pwx manages PowerExchange® Listener and Logger Services.
  • infacmd rds manages the Reporting and Dashboards Service.
  • infacmd rms manages the Resource Manager Service.
  • infacmd rtm manages import and export operations for reference table data.
  • infacmd sch manages the Scheduler Service.
  • Infacmd search manages the Search Service.
  • infacmd sql manages SQL data services that you deploy to the Data Integration Service.
  • infacmd wfs manages workflows that you deploy to the Data Integration Service.
  • infacmd ws manages web services that you deploy to the Data Integration Service.
  • infacmd xrf manages XML files exported from the Model repository.

Updated April 22, 2019