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Release Guide

Release Guide

PowerExchange for Cassandra

Effective in version 10.2.1, PowerExchange for Cassandra has the following changes:
  • The name and directory of the Informatica PowerExchange for Cassandra ODBC driver file has changed.
    The following table lists the Cassandra ODBC driver file name and file directory based on Linux and Windows operating systems:
    Operating System Cassandra ODBC Driver File Name File Directory
    Linux<Informatica installation directory>\tools\cassandra\lib\
    Windows CassandraODBC_sb64.dll<Informatica installation directory>\tools\cassandra\lib\CassandraODBC_sb64.dll
    On Linux operating systems, you must update the value of the Driver property to <Informatica installation directory>\tools\cassandra\lib\ for the existing Cassandra data sources in the odbc.ini file.
    On Windows, you must update the following properties in the Windows registry for the existing Cassandra data source name:
    Driver=<Informatica installation directory>\tools\cassandra\lib\CassandraODBC_sb64.dll
    Setup=<Informatica installation directory>\tools\cassandra\lib\CassandraODBC_sb64.dll
  • The new key name for Load Balancing Policy option is LoadBalancingPolicy.
    Previously, the key name for Load Balancing Policy was COLoadBalancingPolicy
  • The default values of the following Cassandra ODBC driver properties has changed:
    Driver Property Name Key Name New Default Value
    Concurrent Requests NumConcurrentRequests 100
    Insert Query Threads NumInsertQueryThreads 2
    Iterations Per Insert Thread NumIterationsPerInsertThread 50
For more information, see the Informatica PowerExchange for Cassandra 10.2.1 User Guide.

Updated July 25, 2019

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