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  1. Version 10.2.2
  2. Version 10.2.1
  3. Version 10.2
  4. Version 10.1.1
  5. Version 10.1

Release Guide

Release Guide

Python Transformation

Effective in version 10.2.2, the Python transformation can process data more efficiently on the Spark engine compared to the Python transformation in version 10.2.1. Additionally, the Python transformation does not require you to install Jep, and you can use any version of Python to run the transformation.
Previously, the Python transformation supported only specific versions of Python that were compatible with Jep.
The improvements are available only for Big Data Management.
For information about installing Python, see the Informatica Big Data Management 10.2.2 Integration Guide.
For more information about the Python transformation, see the "Python Transformation" chapter in the Informatica 10.2.2 Developer Transformation Guide.

Updated July 25, 2019