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  1. Version 10.2.2
  2. Version 10.2.1
  3. Version 10.2
  4. Version 10.1.1
  5. Version 10.1

Release Guide

Release Guide

PowerExchange for Snowflake

Effective in version 10.2.2, PowerExchange for Snowflake includes the following new features:
  • You can configure Okta SSO authentication by specifying the authentication details in the JDBC URL parameters of the Snowflake connection.
  • You can configure an SQL override to override the default SQL query used to extract data from the Snowflake source. Specify the SQL override in the Snowflake data object read operation properties.
  • You can choose to compress the files before writing to Snowflake tables and optimize the write performance. In the advanced properties. You can set the compression parameter to On or Off in the Additional Write Runtime Parameters field in the Snowflake data object write operation advanced properties.
  • The Data Integration Service uses the Snowflake Spark Connector APIs to run Snowflake mappings on the Spark engine.
  • You can read data from and write data to Snowflake that is enabled for staging data in Azure or Amazon.
For more information, see the Informatica PowerExchange for Snowflake10.2.2 User Guide.

Updated July 25, 2019