Table of Contents


  1. Preface
  2. Analyst Service
  3. Catalog Service
  4. Content Management Service
  5. Data Integration Service
  6. Data Integration Service Architecture
  7. Data Integration Service Management
  8. Data Integration Service Grid
  9. Data Integration Service Applications
  10. Interactive Data Preparation Service
  11. Enterprise Data Preparation Service
  12. Informatica Cluster Service
  13. Mass Ingestion Service
  14. Metadata Access Service
  15. Metadata Manager Service
  16. Model Repository Service
  17. PowerCenter Integration Service
  18. PowerCenter Integration Service Architecture
  19. High Availability for the PowerCenter Integration Service
  20. PowerCenter Repository Service
  21. PowerCenter Repository Management
  22. PowerExchange Listener Service
  23. PowerExchange Logger Service
  24. SAP BW Service
  25. Search Service
  26. System Services
  27. Test Data Manager Service
  28. Test Data Warehouse Service
  29. Web Services Hub
  30. Application Service Upgrade
  31. Appendix A: Application Service Databases
  32. Appendix B: Connecting to Databases from Windows
  33. Appendix C: Connecting to Databases
  34. Appendix D: Updating the DynamicSections Parameter of a DB2 Database

Monitoring Interactive Data Preparation Service Node Status

Interactive Data Preparation Service
Node Status

You can troubleshoot by finding the state of the
Interactive Data Preparation Service
nodes in a grid at any given point in time.
To find the nodes of the service along with the state, connect to the Data Preparation repository and execute the following SQL query:
select node_id, node_ip, state, created_ts, node_port, isp_node_name from dp_physical node;
The state column shows the current state of the node service. It can be in any of the following states:
  • ACTIVE: The node is ready to take new user sessions.
  • SUSPECTED_UNREACHABLE: The node cannot accept new sessions as peer-check operation is failing on that node. The node might not be completely down as the server may recover after a brief period of high load.
To find the user to node assignment, connect to the Data Preparation repository and execute the following SQL query:
select login_id, node_ip, a.node_id, isp_node_name from dp_physical_node a, dp_user u, dp_user_to_node_map m where a.node_id = m.node_id and = m.user_id;