Table of Contents


  1. Preface
  2. Analyst Service
  3. Catalog Service
  4. Content Management Service
  5. Data Integration Service
  6. Data Integration Service Architecture
  7. Data Integration Service Management
  8. Data Integration Service Grid
  9. Data Integration Service Applications
  10. Data Preparation Service
  11. Enterprise Data Lake Service
  12. Informatica Cluster Service
  13. Mass Ingestion Service
  14. Metadata Access Service
  15. Metadata Manager Service
  16. Model Repository Service
  17. PowerCenter Integration Service
  18. PowerCenter Integration Service Architecture
  19. High Availability for the PowerCenter Integration Service
  20. PowerCenter Repository Service
  21. PowerCenter Repository Management
  22. PowerExchange Listener Service
  23. PowerExchange Logger Service
  24. SAP BW Service
  25. Search Service
  26. System Services
  27. Test Data Manager Service
  28. Test Data Warehouse Service
  29. Web Services Hub
  30. Application Service Upgrade
  31. Appendix A: Application Service Databases
  32. Appendix B: Connecting to Databases from Windows
  33. Appendix C: Connecting to Databases
  34. Appendix D: Updating the DynamicSections Parameter of a DB2 Database

External Component Resilience

External Component Resilience

A PowerCenter Integration Service process is resilient to temporary unavailability of external components.
External components can be temporarily unavailable because of network failure or because the component experiences a failure. If the PowerCenter Integration Service process loses the connection to an external component, it tries to reconnect to the component within the retry period for the connection object.
You can configure the following types of external resilience for the PowerCenter Integration Service:
Database and application connection resilience
The PowerCenter Integration Service depends on external database systems and applications to run sessions and workflows. It is resilient if the database or application supports resilience. The PowerCenter Integration Service is resilient to failures when it initializes the connection to the source or target and when it reads data from a source or writes data to a target. If a database or application is temporarily unavailable, the PowerCenter Integration Service tries to connect for a specified amount of time. You can configure the connection retry period for relational connection objects for some application connection objects.
PowerExchange does not support session-level runtime connection resilience for database connections other than those used for PowerExchange Express CDC for Oracle. If recovery from a dropped PowerExchange connection is required, configure the workflow for automatic recovery of terminated tasks.
Runtime resilience of connections between the PowerCenter Integration Service and PowerExchange Listener is optionally available for the initial connection attempt only. You must set the
Connection Retry Period
attribute to a value greater than 0 when you define PowerExchange Client for PowerCenter (PWXPC) relational and application connections. The Integration Service then retries the connection to the PowerExchange Listener after the initial connection attempt fails. If the Integration Service cannot connect to the PowerExchange Listener within the retry period, the session fails.
FTP connection resilience
If a connection is lost while the PowerCenter Integration Service is transferring files to or from an FTP server, the PowerCenter Integration Service tries to reconnect for the amount of time configured in the FTP connection object. The PowerCenter Integration Service is resilient to interruptions if the FTP server supports resilience.
Client connection resilience
You can configure connection resilience for PowerCenter Integration Service clients that are external applications using C/Java LMAPI. You configure this type of resilience in the Application connection object.


You configure a retry period of 180 for an Oracle relational database connection object. If the PowerCenter Integration Service loses connectivity to the database during the initial connection or when it reads data from the database, it tries to reconnect for 180 seconds. If it cannot reconnect to the database, the session fails.