Table of Contents


  1. Installation Overview
  2. Before You Install the Services
  3. Service Installation
  4. After You Install the Services
  5. Client Installation
  6. Uninstallation
  7. Starting and Stopping Informatica Services
  8. Connecting to Databases from Windows
  9. Connecting to Databases from UNIX
  10. Updating the DynamicSections Parameter of a DB2 Database
  11. Installation and Configuration Checklist
  12. Split Domain Configuration for Metadata Manager

Installation and Configuration Guide

Installation and Configuration Guide

Checklist to Complete the Domain Configuration

This chapter contains information about domain configuration tasks that you need to complete after installation. Use this checklist to track domain configuration tasks.
  • Verify locale settings and code page compatibility:
    • Verify that the domain configuration database is compatible with the code pages of the application services that you create in the domain.
    • Verify that the locale settings on machines that access the Administrator tool and the Informatica client tools is compatible with the code pages of repositories in the domain.
    • Configure the locale environment variables.
  • Configure the following environment variables:
    • Informatica environment variables to store memory, domain, and location settings.
    • Library path environment variables on the machines that run the Data Integration Service.
    • Kerberos environment variables if you configure the Informatica domain to run on a network with Kerberos authentication.