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  1. Version 10.2
  2. Version 10.1.1
  3. Version 10.1
  4. Version 10.0
  5. Version 9.6.1
  6. Version 9.6.0

PowerCenter Binary Functions

PowerCenter Binary Functions

Effective in version 10.2 HotFix 2, you can use the following functions for binary expressions:
  • EBCDIC_ISO88591. Converts a binary value encoded in EBCDIC to a string value encoded in ISO-8859-1.
  • BINARY_COMPARE. Compares two binary values and returns TRUE (1) if they are the same and FALSE (0) if they are different.
  • BINARY_CONCAT. Concatenates two or more binary values together and returns the concatenated value.
  • BINARY_LENGTH. Returns the length of a binary value.
  • BINARY_SECTION. Returns a portion of a binary value.
  • DEC_HEX. Decodes a hex encoded value and returns a binary value with the binary representation of the data.
  • ENC_HEX. Encodes binary data to string data using hexadecimal encoding.
  • SHA256. Calculates the SHA-256 digest of the input value.
For more information about the custom functions, see the
Informatica PowerCenter 10.2 HotFix 2 Transformation Language Reference

Updated May 28, 2019