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  1. Preface
  2. Part 1: 10.2
  3. Part 2: Version 10.1.1
  4. Part 3: Version 10.1
  5. Part 4: Version 10.0
  6. Part 5: Version 9.6.1
  7. Part 6: Version 9.6.0

Application Deployment Changes

Application Deployment Changes

This section describes changes to application deployment in version 10.0.

Retain State Information Check Box

Effective in Informatica 10.0, when you redeploy an application, the “Retain state information” check box allows you to choose to retain the current state of run-time objects that are part of the deployed application. The state refers to mapping properties and the properties of run-time objects such as Sequence Generator Transformations.
Previously, the Deploy dialog box gave you a choice of “Update” or “Replace.” The “Retain state information” check box replaces the “Update” check box, and is selected by default.
If you select "Retain state information," you retain run-time settings and properties in the deployed application. If you clear “Retain state information,” you discard the state of these settings and properties in the deployed application.