Table of Contents


  1. Preface
  2. Analyst Service
  3. Catalog Service
  4. Content Management Service
  5. Data Integration Service
  6. Data Integration Service Architecture
  7. Data Integration Service Management
  8. Data Integration Service Grid
  9. Data Integration Service REST API
  10. Data Integration Service Applications
  11. Enterprise Data Preparation Service
  12. Interactive Data Preparation Service
  13. Informatica Cluster Service
  14. Mass Ingestion Service
  15. Metadata Access Service
  16. Metadata Manager Service
  17. Model Repository Service
  18. PowerCenter Integration Service
  19. PowerCenter Integration Service Architecture
  20. High Availability for the PowerCenter Integration Service
  21. PowerCenter Repository Service
  22. PowerCenter Repository Management
  23. PowerExchange Listener Service
  24. PowerExchange Logger Service
  25. SAP BW Service
  26. Search Service
  27. System Services
  28. Test Data Manager Service
  29. Test Data Warehouse Service
  30. Web Services Hub
  31. Application Service Upgrade
  32. Application Service Databases
  33. Connecting to Databases from Windows
  34. Connecting to Databases from UNIX or Linux
  35. Updating the DynamicSections Parameter of a DB2 Database

Install Database Client Software

You must install the database clients on the required machines based on the types of databases that the application services access.
To ensure compatibility between the application service and the database, use the appropriate database client libraries and install a client software that is compatible with the database version.
Install the following database client software based on the type of database that the application service accesses:
IBM DB2 Client Application Enabler (CAE)
Configure connectivity on the required machines by logging in to the machine as the user who starts Informatica services.
Microsoft SQL Server 2014 Native Client
Download the client from the following Microsoft website:
Oracle client
Install compatible versions of the Oracle client and Oracle database server. You must also install the same version of the Oracle client on all machines that require it. To verify compatibility, contact Oracle.
Sybase Open Client (OCS)
Install an Open Client version that is compatible with the Sybase ASE database server. You must also install the same version of Open Client on the machines hosting the Sybase ASE database and Informatica. To verify compatibility, contact Sybase.