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  1. Abstract
  2. Informatica Installation
  3. Informatica Upgrade
  4. Informatica Closed Enhancements
  5. Informatica Fixed Limitations
  6. Informatica Known Limitations
  7. Informatica Third-Party Limitations
  8. Informatica Global Customer Support

Informatica Analyst Fixed Limitations

Informatica Analyst Fixed Limitations

Review the Release Notes of previous releases for information about previous fixed limitations.
The following table describes fixed limitations:
When you use an advance join condition with OR to connect two join conditions in a mapping specification, an error occurs.
The Analyst tool displays only 60 objects in an asset list.
Reference users cannot search for assets when the users do not have write permission for the assets.
The Search Service does not display the latest version of Glossary assets.
When you update a flat file data object in the Developer tool and save the changes to the Model repository, the changes do not appear in the Analyst tool.
The Search Service does not support searching for Business Glossary assets using double quotes.
The Analyst tool cannot display a column in an Oracle table if the column name contains more than 28 characters.
If the audit trail data on a reference table includes a javascript string and you preview the audit trail data, the script runs.
If the data in a reference table includes a javascript string and you preview the data, the script runs.
After you load a glossary, Metadata Manager does not display custom properties that you create for Glossary assets.
If you log in as a user other than administrator, an "access is denied" message appears in the Analyst tool log.
When you assign a business term to a category that was previously rejected, the Analyst tool creates the link to both the published and rejected versions of the category.
A user without the
privileges for Business Glossary cannot search for published assets until you assign the
View Draft
A newly created user with the
Manage Glossaries
privilege in the Administrator tool can view assets in the Glossary workspace, but cannot search for assets.
You cannot edit a connection object that was created with the Developer tool.
When you export a glossary which has a custom property of the date data type date and blank value, the Analyst tool assigns the date as 01/01/1970 in the export file.
You cannot view the online help when your browser locale is Simplified Chinese and you do not have access to the internet.
The cost of invalid data in metrics displays -1.0 in the Microsoft Excel spreadsheet when you run a scorecard and export it.
Informatica Analyst does not return search results when a non-administrator user performs a search.
When you access the Job status page from the Analyst tool that runs in a domain with multiple nodes, the following error occurs:
HTTP Status 404 - Could not connect to the monitoring service.
The Analyst tool does not permit you to add more than 1000 relationships to a business term when the Model Repository Service uses an Oracle database.
You cannot view the human task instances that you manage on the Task Administration tab if you log in to the Analyst tool with a user name that is not Administrator.
The Analyst tool permits you to revise a Glossary asset even when it has already been revised and is in the
In Review
The Analyst tool displays an error and stops responding when you edit a custom property and enter special characters that are not supported in the search syntax.
The Analyst tool sometimes stops responding when you configure the Metadata Manager Service and Search Service in the same domain.
When you import a business glossary from an export file that contains more than 4000 asset links, the following error appears:
Cannot Proceed without a Valid License.
The number of assets displayed in the Business Glossary import wizard sometimes does not match the number of assets in the export file.
When you import a glossary and select the
Do not import the asset
option during the conflict resolution, the Analyst tool does not import data in custom properties. If you select the
Replace the asset
option during the conflict resolution, the Analyst tool displays an error.
Custom properties that have content in the glossary export file are blank after you import the export file to the Analyst tool.
Custom properties that you add to a business term template is sometimes not present in the business glossary export file.
The Analyst tool exports incorrect data for Microsoft SQL Server datetime2 data type from a mapping specification to a flat file.
When you save a Glossary asset, the Analyst tool does not verify if you entered a mandatory value for a multi-value custom property.
The import task for Business Glossary fails when you choose to replace an asset during conflict resolution and the export file has assets in the draft phase.
You cannot export reference table data from the Model repository if the profile warehouse is not configured on the Data Integration Service.
When you test a rule specification, the Analyst tool might not display validation errors that apply to the rule specification. The issue arises if you test a complex rule specification before you test the rule specification that contains the validation issues.
The import task for Business Glossary fails when a Glossary asset description has special characters or has more than 256 characters and the Model Repository Service database is DB2.
If you create an input in a rule specification and you do not configure the input properties, you cannot click OK to close the configuration dialog box.
A rule statement in a rule specification displays no input for an action when you configure the action in the following ways:
  • You add two inputs to the action.
  • You do not specify a value for the second input.
You cannot update a rule statement and change the position of the rule statement in a rule set in a single operation.
You might experience intermittent errors when you work with rule specifications that use reference tables in the Analyst tool. The errors might arise when you save a rule specification, compile a rule specification, or edit an action in a rule statement.
If two rule specifications in a project folder contain rule sets with the same name, the Analyst tool cannot compile one of the rule specifications.
If you work on a cluster task and you enter a string value or a date value as a column filter, the filter operation might fail.
When the
user clicks the scorecard to view the scorecard results, the scorecard results appears after a delay of 3 to 4 minutes.
When you validate a rule specification, the Analyst tool might fail to identify a rule set that is not valid. The issue arises when the following conditions are true:
  • The rule statements in a child rule set generate outputs in more than one data type.
  • The parent rule set does not read the output from the child rule set.
If you move a rule specification multiple times between one folder and another folder in the Model repository, the Analyst tool can generate an internal error.
You can enter a javascript string as an input name in a rule specification.
You cannot open a Human task instance in the Analyst tool if the Human task stores task metadata in a password-encrypted IBM DB2 database.
If you do not have Microsoft Excel installed and you try to import the Business Glossary export file, the Analyst tool generates an error.
If you try to release a Human task instance that has no owner, the Analyst tool displays an error message.
When you select the option to edit a row in a reference table, the Analyst tool might display a different row than the row that you select. The issue occurs if you sort the reference table rows alphabetically after you select a row to edit.
You can create an input with the same name as a rule set in the same rule specification. You can create a rule set with the same name as an input in the same rule specification.
If you create a reference table in the Analyst tool from a file source that includes a decimal data column, the New Reference Table wizard identifies the data type as number. If you set incorrect precision and scale values for the column, the wizard does not provide a clear error message.

Updated October 25, 2018