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  1. Abstract
  2. Informatica Installation
  3. Informatica Upgrade
  4. Informatica Closed Enhancements
  5. Informatica Fixed Limitations
  6. Informatica Known Limitations
  7. Informatica Third-Party Limitations
  8. Informatica Global Customer Support

Informatica Data Quality Fixed Limitations

Informatica Data Quality Fixed Limitations

Review the Release Notes of previous releases for information about previous fixed limitations.
The following table describes fixed limitations:
If you replace an application in the Model repository and an object in the application includes a Parser transformation, the operation can drop the ports on the transformation strategies.
If you update the column metadata in the source or target tables in an exception management mapping between workflow runs, you must recycle the Analyst Service and the Data Integration Service.
When you send data requests to a web service that runs an identity match mapping, the matched pairs count does not reset to zero for each web service request.
When a workflow assigns a very large number of tasks to a user, such as 10,000 tasks, the Analyst tool takes a long time to display the list of tasks.

Updated October 25, 2018