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  1. Abstract
  2. Installation and Upgrade
  3. 10.2 HF1 Fixed Limitations and Closed Enhancements
  4. 10.2 HF1 Known Limitations
  5. 10.2 Fixed Limitations and Closed Enhancements
  6. 10.2 Known Limitations
  7. Emergency Bug Fixes Merged into 10.2
  8. Informatica Global Customer Support

Analyst Tool Fixed Limitations (10.2)

Analyst Tool Fixed Limitations (10.2)

Review the Release Notes of previous releases for information about previous fixed limitations.
The following table describes fixed limitations:
The Search Service does not display the search results.
When you run ListServiceOptions command, it displays the password in plain text.
The Search Service log lists fatal error messages without details.
The maximum heap memory increases in Search Service due to a memory leak resulting in low system memory.
When you try to create a fixed-width flat file data object, an internal error occurs.
When you try to open the mapping specification for a custom data object created for a relational source, an internal error occurs.
When you log out from the Analyst tool in a release 10.1.1 domain configured to use Kerberos authentication, the Analyst tool incorrectly indicates that you are using release 9.6.1.
You cannot set the maximum precision value of the return data type to 38 when adding rules to a mapping specification, even though you can set the precision value to 38 in the Developer tool.
When you view relationships for a business term with a large number of related terms, the Relationships View tab might become unresponsive.
The following mapping specification errors occur in the Analyst tool:
  • After you modify a mapping specification data object, you cannot open the mapping specification because of the following error:
    “IMF_1026 : [IMF_1026] Any getter or setter method cannot be accessed on a proxy object.”
  • After you synchronize a mapping specification source data object, you cannot map new columns to a target in the mapping specification.
When you try to edit a glossary in the Library workspace, the Analyst tool displays the following error:
"The asset is currently open for editing by the user, "Administrator". You cannot edit the asset properties until the user saves the changes."
You must click the
button multiple times to open the Edit Connection dialog box.
The Analyst tool displays a maximum of 60 assets in a project, even when the project contains more than 60 assets.
The Analyst tool displays the following generic message for a number of errors, instead of displaying a more appropriate error message:
"An error occurred on the server with the following timestamp…. Check the analyst service logs".
The information in the Analyst Service logs that appear in the Administrator tool and the information written to the analyst.log file is not consistent.
When you try to find and replace reference table values with a value that is not valid, the Analyst tool returns an incorrect error message. The error message states that the reference table does not contain the search value that you specify. The issue arises when the replacement value that you specify uses a precision that is too high for the reference data column. (421325)
The following table describes closed enhancement requests:
Error messages for unknown errors that occur in the Analyst tool contain a link to the Log Aggregator view of the Logs tab in the Administrator tool.

Updated June 29, 2020