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  1. Abstract
  2. Installation and Upgrade
  3. 10.2 HF1 Fixed Limitations and Closed Enhancements
  4. 10.2 HF1 Known Limitations
  5. 10.2 Fixed Limitations and Closed Enhancements
  6. 10.2 Known Limitations
  7. Emergency Bug Fixes Merged into 10.2
  8. Informatica Global Customer Support

Security Known Limitation (10.2)

Security Known Limitation (10.2)

The following table describes known limitations:
If a secure domain is SAML-enabled and you log in to the Administrator tool as an SAML user, the Administrator tool does not show the user activity log.
The Analyst tool shows the user activity log but does not show the name of the user in the user field of the activity log.

Updated June 29, 2020