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  1. Abstract
  2. Installation and Upgrade
  3. 10.2 HF1 Fixed Limitations and Closed Enhancements
  4. 10.2 HF1 Known Limitations
  5. 10.2 Fixed Limitations and Closed Enhancements
  6. 10.2 Known Limitations
  7. Emergency Bug Fixes Merged into 10.2
  8. Informatica Global Customer Support

Post-Installation Tasks

Post-Installation Tasks

Complete the post-installation tasks after you apply a hotfix:
  • If you use operating system profiles on UNIX, reconfigure pmimpprocess in the following directory:
    <Informatica installation directory>\server\bin
    on every node where the PowerCenter Integration Service runs. pmimpprocess is a tool that the DTM process, command tasks, and parameter files use to switch between operating system users.
  • If you are upgrading PowerCenter, you must register the plug-in for PowerExchange for Hadoop again. Use the Administrator tool or the
    RegisterPlugin command to register the plug-in.
  • If you use Metadata Manager, perform the following tasks:
    1. In the Administrator tool, disable the Metadata Manager Service.
    2. Upgrade the Metadata Manager Service. To upgrade a service in the Administrator tool, click
      in the header area.
    3. Enable the Metadata Manager Service.
    4. Uninstall and reinstall each Metadata Manager Agent. For information about installing the Metadata Manager Agent, see the
      Metadata Manager Administrator Guide
    5. Purge and reload the PowerCenter resource.
    6. Verify Load privileges and permissions for Metadata Manager users. To view, load, or manage a resource on the
      tab, users must have both the appropriate Metadata Manager Service privilege and read or write permission on the resource.
    7. If a secure connection is configured for the Metadata Manager web application, verify the truststore file for the mmcmd, rmucmd, and mmRepoCmd command line programs.
    8. Regenerate the plug-in for each universal resource. After you regenerate the plug-ins, copy them to the Metadata Manager Service plug-ins directory, and then recycle the Metadata Manager Service.

Updated June 29, 2020