Table of Contents


  1. Abstract
  2. Installation and Upgrade
  3. 10.1.1 Fixed Limitations and Closed Enhancements
  4. 10.1.1 Known Limitations
  5. Informatica Global Customer Support

Application Service Fixed Limitations

Review the Release Notes of previous releases for information about previous fixed limitations.
The following table describes fixed limitations:
A web service hub that runs on a non-master gateway node restarts when the master gateway node stops running.
PowerCenter users notice a delay in starting the PowerCenter Integration Service after upgrading to the 9.6.1 Hotfix 3 version. Users experience the delay when running scheduled workflows.
Standard errors from the Model Repository Service appear in the Administrator tool Logs Viewer. Previously the messages appeared with the INFO label. When they appear in the Domain logs, the same messages now appear as ERROR level messages. The errors do not appear in the catalina.out logfile.
When the Data Integration Service runs mappings concurrently with operating system profiles, it consumes excessive memory.