Table of Contents


  1. Abstract
  2. Installation and Upgrade
  3. 10.1.1 Fixed Limitations and Closed Enhancements
  4. 10.1.1 Known Limitations
  5. Informatica Global Customer Support

Business Glossary Fixed Limitations

Review the Release Notes of previous releases for information about previous fixed limitations.
The following table describes fixed limitations:
After you conclude level 1 voting in an approval workflow and view level 1 voting comments, the voting details section of the voting dashboard becomes unresponsive.
If you specify the PROTOCOL_TYPE property in the file as "HTTP" in uppercase and install Informatica Business Glossary Desktop, the protocol type parameter is incorrectly set to HTTPS.
When you delegate a vote in the approval workflow process, you can select multiple users, but you see an error when you confirm your selection in the Analyst tool.
The Analyst tool does not send email notifications when the domain is configured with Kerberos authentication.
When you install the Informatica Business Glossary Desktop on a Mac, the following error appears in the Terminal:
INM1HF4DWDJWV:Informatica_BusinessGlossaryDesktop_Mac infa$ ./ Trying to load library IAMac Error trying to load library no IAMac in java.library.path
You cannot publish or reject Business Glossary assets when all of the following conditions are true:
  • The voting was in process.
  • The Glossary administrator exported the glossary.
  • The Glossary administrator imported the glossary and replaced the assets that are already in the Analyst tool.