Table of Contents


  1. Abstract
  2. Installation and Upgrade
  3. 10.1.1 Fixed Limitations and Closed Enhancements
  4. 10.1.1 Known Limitations
  5. Informatica Global Customer Support

SQL Data Services Known Limitations

The following table describes known limitations:
Connecting to an ODBC data source with the 64-bit Informatica Data Services ODBC Driver 10.1.1 in a Kerberos-enabled domain fails with the following error:
Failed to load the library [krb5_32.dll]
The SQuirreL SQL Client connection fails when you use an Informatica Data Services JDBC driver.
Workaround: Use version 1.7 of Apache Commons Code instead of 1.3. Version 1.7 is located at
<Informatica installation directory>\tools\jdbcdrv\commons-codec-1.7
When you stop and restart the application on the Data Integration Service and test sample a selected object in IBM Cognos Framework Manager, the connection associated with the application fails with the following error:
This query contains an error and cannot be executed.
Workaround: Close and restart IBM Cognos Framework Manager.