Table of Contents


  1. Abstract
  2. Informatica Installation
  3. Informatica Upgrade
  4. 10.1 Fixed Limitations and Closed Enhancements
  5. 10.1 Known Limitations
  6. Informatica Global Customer Support

Analyst Tool Known Limitations

The following table describes known limitations:
When you try to export the mapping specification to PowerCenter Repository using pcclientsmartuser that run on a Windows network using two-factor authentication, the mapping specification export fails.
Export the mapping specification to PowerCenter Repository using INFAKRB.INFADEV.COM
When you try to find and replace reference table values with a value that is not valid, the Analyst tool returns an incorrect error message. The error message states that the reference table does not contain the search value that you specify. The issue arises when the replacement value that you specify uses a precision that is too high for the reference data column.
When you try to delete an asset that another user changed, the Analyst tool fails to warn you that the asset is not the latest copy.