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  1. Abstract
  2. Informatica Installation
  3. Informatica Upgrade
  4. 10.1 Fixed Limitations and Closed Enhancements
  5. 10.1 Known Limitations
  6. Informatica Global Customer Support

Metadata Manager Known Limitations

The following table describes known limitations:
When you run the rmu command line program on a resource from a previous version of Metadata Manager, migration fails. For example, migration fails if you run rmu version 10.1 on a 9.6.1 HotFix 4 resource that has not been upgraded to 10.1 and marked deprecated by the upgrade process.
When you enable incremental loading for a Teradata resource that contains a schema that is mapped to the database name, Metadata Manager always performs a full metadata load.
When you load an Oracle resource incrementally, the mm.log file shows some "unique constraint" transformation errors.
You cannot load an Informatica Platform resource that extracts metadata from a deployed application of version 9.5.1 or any 9.5.1 HotFix.
Workaround: Extract metadata from an application archive file.
After you load a packaged or universal resource and refresh the connections, the Link Details report shows duplicate connection names, and linking does not always happen with the correct connection.
When you load a business glossary resource that contains a business term with a rule asset and related assets from Metadata Manager, the Metadata Manager Service does not synchronize the related catalog objects in Metadata Manager with the related assets in the Analyst tool. The load log displays the following error:
BG links migration failed... The requested object does not exist in the catalog.
Workaround: To synchronize the related catalog objects with the related assets, unassign the rule asset from the term before you load the glossary. Reassign the rule asset to the term after the load completes.
When you use the rmu migration utility to migrate a 9.5.1 HotFix 2 resource, the migration fails with the following errors:
ERROR - Unrecognized option: -includePassword ERROR - Migration for resource:Resource Type-<Type>, Source System Version-<Version>, name-<Name> failed
Workaround: Upgrade the Metadata Manager warehouse to version 10.0, and then migrate the deprecated resources.
Loading certain resources fails randomly with the following error in the mm.log file:
LoaderThread] ERROR TaskHandler - An error occurred in LineageGraphInternalLinksCreationTaskHandler: com.orientechnologies.orient.core.exception.ODatabaseException: Error on saving record #<number>
Workaround: Add the following properties to the file and specify property values that are less than the default values:
  • Lineage. PreCompute.ElementsInSingleTransaction. Default is 50,000.
  • Lineage. PreCompute.FetchBlockSize. Default is 5000.
When the Metadata Manager repository database type is Microsoft SQL Server, and you create a Metadata Manager Service with secure JDBC parameters in the database connection URL, the service cannot connect to the database.
Workaround: Enclose the secure JDBC parameters string in quotation marks.
After you load a business glossary resource in a domain that uses Kerberos authentication, the load status shows
"Load Successful;Indexing Successful;Linking Failed"
instead of
"Load Successful;Indexing Successful;Not Linked."
Loading a Microsoft SQL Server resource that uses a trusted connection fails with the following error:
Could not create source connection in PowerCenter repository.
When you load a Business Glossary resource that contains term names with backslash characters (\), the load fails with the following error: Incomplete values at line <number>
Metadata Manager does not support metadata extraction for dynamic mappings.
Data lineage for custom objects with "Any Model, Any Class" class-level relationships is incorrect when the objects are linked to PowerCenter mappings.
When you load a Business Glossary resource that contains different combinations of special characters in the glossary name, the load might fail with an internal error or a Java runtime exception.
button in the lineage diagram does not display search results the first time that you click it.
Workaround: Click the button a second time to display the search results.
In Metadata Manager, if the name of a related catalog object for a business term contains a space as the first character, the corresponding data assets are not updated in the Analyst tool business glossary. Also, if the name of a related catalog object for a business term contains any of the following characters, the URL in the Analyst tool business glossary does not work:
` ~ ! @ # $ % ^ & * ( ) , / \ "