Table of Contents


  1. Preface
  2. Understanding Pipeline Partitioning
  3. Partition Points
  4. Partition Types
  5. Pushdown Optimization
  6. Pushdown Optimization Transformations
  7. Real-time Processing
  8. Commit Points
  9. Row Error Logging
  10. Workflow Recovery
  11. Stopping and Aborting
  12. Concurrent Workflows
  13. Grid Processing
  14. Load Balancer
  15. Workflow Variables
  16. Parameters and Variables in Sessions
  17. Parameter Files
  18. FastExport
  19. External Loading
  20. FTP
  21. Session Caches
  22. Incremental Aggregation
  23. Session Log Interface
  24. Understanding Buffer Memory
  25. High Precision Data

Advanced Workflow Guide

Advanced Workflow Guide

Rules and Guidelines for Microsoft Azure SQL Data Warehouse

Certain rules and guidelines apply for pushdown optimization to a Microsoft Azure SQL Data Warehouse database.
Create an ODBC connection and specify the ODBC subtype as AzureDW to connect to Microsoft Azure SQL Data Warehouse.

Updated July 04, 2018