Table of Contents


  1. About the Security Guide
  2. Introduction to Informatica Security
  3. User Authentication
  4. LDAP Security Domains
  5. Kerberos Authentication Setup
  6. Domain Security
  7. Security Management in Informatica Administrator
  8. Users and Groups
  9. Privileges and Roles
  10. Permissions
  11. Audit Reports
  12. Command Line Privileges and Permissions
  13. Custom Roles

infacmd oie Commands

infacmd oie Commands

To run
infacmd oie
commands, users must have one of the listed Model repository object permissions.
The following table lists the required permissions for
infacmd oie
infacmd oie Command
Privilege Group
Privilege Name
Permission On...
Read on project
Write on project

Updated April 29, 2019