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  1. Version 10.1.1
  2. Version 10.1
  3. Version 10.0
  4. Version 9.6.1
  5. Version 9.6.0

Aggregator Transformation

Aggregator Transformation

Effective in version 10.0, you define the group by ports on the
Group By
tab of the Aggregator transformation
You can parameterize the ports you want to include in the aggregator group with a port list parameter. You can include dynamic ports in the Aggregator transformation.
Previously, you selected group by ports on the
tab of the transformation
The following image shows the Group By tab in the Aggregator transformation:
For more information about the Aggregator transformation, see the Aggregator Transformation chapter in the
Informatica 10.0 Developer Transformation Guide

Updated July 02, 2018