Table of Contents


  1. Preface
  2. Using the Designer
  3. Working with Sources
  4. Working with Flat Files
  5. Working with Targets
  6. Mappings
  7. Mapplets
  8. Mapping Parameters and Variables
  9. Working with User-Defined Functions
  10. Using the Debugger
  11. Viewing Data Lineage
  12. Comparing Objects
  13. Managing Business Components
  14. Creating Cubes and Dimensions
  15. Using the Mapping Wizards
  17. Datatype Reference
  18. Configure the Web Browser

Troubleshooting Sources

Troubleshooting Sources

I imported a source from a DB2 database and received an SQL0954C error message from the DB2 operating system.
If the value of the DB2 system variable APPLHEAPSZ is too small when you use the Designer to import sources from a DB2 database, the Designer reports an error accessing the repository. The Designer status bar displays the following message:
SQL Error:[IBM][CLI Driver][DB2]SQL0954C: Not enough storage is available in the application heap to process the statement.
If you receive this error, increase the value of the APPLHEAPSZ variable for the DB2 operating system. APPLHEAPSZ is the application heap size in 4KB pages for each process using the database.

Updated June 25, 2018