Table of Contents


  1. Preface
  2. Using the Designer
  3. Working with Sources
  4. Working with Flat Files
  5. Working with Targets
  6. Mappings
  7. Mapplets
  8. Mapping Parameters and Variables
  9. Working with User-Defined Functions
  10. Using the Debugger
  11. Viewing Data Lineage
  12. Comparing Objects
  13. Managing Business Components
  14. Creating Cubes and Dimensions
  15. Using the Mapping Wizards
  16. Datatype Reference
  17. Configure the Web Browser

Re-creating Targets

Re-creating Targets

If you modify a relational target definition, use the Designer to drop and re-create the corresponding target table.
When you drop a target table, the Designer deletes the table from the database. If you want to keep the target data, back it up before you drop the table.
To re-create the target table:
  1. In the Target Designer, modify the relational target definition and select it.
  2. Click Targets > Generate/Execute SQL.
    In the dialog box, connect to the appropriate target database. Select the DROP options checked for the table and any indexes on the table.
  3. Click Generate and Execute.
    The Designer drops and re-creates the table, including any indexes assigned to it.

Updated July 02, 2020