Table of Contents


  1. Preface
  2. Introduction to Data Validation Option
  3. New Features and Behavior Changes
  4. Repositories
  5. XML Data Source
  6. Tests for XML Data Sources
  7. Connections
  8. Expressions
  9. Table Pairs
  10. Tests for Table Pairs
  11. Single-Table Constraints
  12. Tests for Single-Table Constraints
  13. Examples of Tests from Spreadsheets
  14. SQL Views
  15. Lookup Views
  16. Join Views
  17. Aggregate Views
  18. Business Intelligence and Reporting Tools Reports
  19. Dashboards
  20. DVOCmd Command Line Program
  21. Troubleshooting
  22. Datatype Reference
  23. Reporting Views
  24. Metadata Import Syntax
  25. Jasper Reports
  26. Glossary

Data Validation Option User Guide

Data Validation Option User Guide

Behavior Changes (9.6.0)

Behavior Changes (9.6.0)

This section describes behavior changes in version 9.6.0.

Client Layout

Effective in 9.6.0, if you select a tab in a folder in the Navigator, Data Validation Option displays the same tab for all other folders.
Previously, if you selected a tab in a folder in the Navigator and moved to another folder, Data Validation Option displayed the first tab of each folder.

Detailed Test Results Reports

Detailed Test Results reports have options to show delimiters on text or percentage and absolute difference in numerical values.

Run Folder Tests Confirmation Dialog Box

Effective in 9.6.0, when you run folder tests, a Data Validation option displays a confirmation dialog before running all the tests.

Table Pair Summary

Effective in 9.6.0, the parameter values that you read from the parameter file are displayed in the Table Pair Summary.
Previously, the parameter values were not displayed.


Effective in 9.6.0. the following sources are deprecated and will not be supported in a future release:
  • IDMS
    • PWX_IDMS

PowerCenter Support

Effective in 9.6.0, Data Validation Option the does not support PowerCenter versions 8.6.x.