Table of Contents


  1. Preface
  2. Using the Designer
  3. Working with Sources
  4. Working with Flat Files
  5. Working with Targets
  6. Mappings
  7. Mapplets
  8. Mapping Parameters and Variables
  9. Working with User-Defined Functions
  10. Using the Debugger
  11. Viewing Data Lineage
  12. Comparing Objects
  13. Managing Business Components
  14. Creating Cubes and Dimensions
  15. Using the Mapping Wizards
  16. Datatype Reference
  17. Configure the Web Browser

Step 2. Set a Mapping Variable Value

Step 2. Set a Mapping Variable Value

After you declare a variable, use it in any expression in the mapping or mapplet. You can also use a mapping variable in a Source Qualifier transformation or reusable transformation.
In a Source Qualifier transformation, mapping variables appear on the Variables tab in the SQL Editor. When using mapping variables in a Source Qualifier transformation follow these rules:
  • Enclose string variables in string identifiers, such as single quotation marks, to indicate the variable is a string.
  • When necessary, change the format of the datetime variable to match the format in the source. The Integration Service converts dates from the PowerCenter default date format to the default date format of the source system.
In other transformations in a mapplet or mapping, mapping variables appear in the Expression Editor. When you write expressions that use mapping variables, you do not need string identifiers for string variables.
Use mapping variables in reusable transformations. When you validate the expression, the Designer treats the variable as an Integer datatype.
You can also use mapping variables in transformation overrides in the session properties. You can override properties such as a filter or user-defined join in a Source Qualifier transformation.
When you use a mapping variable, you have to determine how to set the value of the mapping variable. Use a variable function to set a variable value. Use a variable function in any of the following transformations:
  • Expression
  • Filter
  • Router
  • Update Strategy

Updated July 02, 2020