Table of Contents


  1. About the Security Guide
  2. Introduction to Informatica Security
  3. User Authentication
  4. LDAP Security Domains
  5. Kerberos Authentication
  6. Domain Security
  7. SAML Authentication for Informatica Web Applications
  8. Security Management in Informatica Administrator
  9. Users and Groups
  10. Privileges and Roles
  11. Permissions
  12. Audit Reports
  13. Command Line Privileges and Permissions
  14. Custom Roles
  15. Default List of Cipher Suites

User Security Management

User Security Management

You manage user security within the domain with privileges and permissions.
Privileges determine the actions that users can complete on domain objects. Permissions define the level of access a user has to a domain object. Domain objects include the domain, folders, nodes, grids, licenses, database connections, operating system profiles, and application services.
Even if a user has the domain privilege to complete certain actions, the user might also require permission to complete the action on a particular object. For example, a user has the Manage Services domain privilege which grants the user the ability to edit application services. However, the user also must have permission on the application service. A user with the Manage Services domain privilege and permission on the Development Repository Service but not on the Production Repository Service can edit the Development Repository Service but not the Production Repository Service.
To log in to the Administrator tool, a user must have the Access Informatica Administrator domain privilege. If a user has the Access Informatica Administrator privilege and permission on an object, but does not have the domain privilege that grants the ability to modify the object type, then the user can view the object. For example, if a user has permission on a node, but does not have the Manage Nodes and Grids privilege, the user can view the node properties but cannot configure, shut down, or remove the node.
If a user does not have permission on a selected object in the Navigator, the contents panel displays a message indicating that permission on the object is denied.

Updated October 10, 2019