Table of Contents


  1. Preface
  2. Introduction to Data Validation Option
  3. New Features and Behavior Changes
  4. Repositories
  5. XML Data Source
  6. Tests for XML Data Sources
  7. Connections
  8. Expressions
  9. Table Pairs
  10. Tests for Table Pairs
  11. Single-Table Constraints
  12. Tests for Single-Table Constraints
  13. Examples of Tests from Spreadsheets
  14. SQL Views
  15. Lookup Views
  16. Join Views
  17. Aggregate Views
  18. Business Intelligence and Reporting Tools Reports
  19. Dashboards
  20. DVOCmd Command Line Program
  21. Troubleshooting
  22. Datatype Reference
  23. Reporting Views
  24. Metadata Import Syntax
  25. Jasper Reports
  26. Glossary

Data Validation Option User Guide

Data Validation Option User Guide

Behavior Changes (9.5.1)

Behavior Changes (9.5.1)

This section describes behavior changes in version 9.5.1.


Effective in version 9.5.1, you specify the total cache size in the --cacheSize option in the InstallTests and RunTests DVOCmd commands. The PowerCenter Integration Service divides the cache size among all Aggregator, Joiner, Lookup, and Sorter transformations in the underlying PowerCenter session. The PowerCenter Integration Service allocates cache memory based on the transformation requirements, such as the number of rows processed, number of tests, and precision and scale of the table columns.
Previously, the cache size that you specified in the command option was the cache size for each transformation, except the Sorter transformation. Data Validation Option assigned 8 MB for each Sorter transformation. For example, if you set the cache size to 200 MB and the session contained two Aggregator transformations, two Joiner transformations, and one Sorter transformation, then each Aggregator and Joiner transformation received 200 MB of cache memory and the Sorter transformation received 8 MB of cache memory.


Effective in version 9.5.1, connections appear in alphabetic order.
Previously, connections were not sorted alphabetically.

JasperReports Configuration

Effective in version 9.5.1, you do not have to re-enter JasperReports configuration after you disable JasperReports.
Previously, when you disabled JasperReports, the Data Validation Option Client deleted the previous configuration.

Lookup Views

Effective in version 9.5.1, you cannot enter an expression for the Lookup field in a lookup view if the lookup table is from any of the following data source types: flat file, mainframe flat file, ADABAS, IMS, or VSAM.
Previously, you could enter an expression, but an error occurred when you ran a test on the lookup view.
If the lookup table is from a flat file, mainframe flat file, ADABAS, IMS, or VSAM data source and you upgrade to 9.5.1, you must delete the expression from the Lookup field in the lookup view.

Metadata Refresh

Effective in version 9.5.1, Informatica significantly improved repository refresh performance for networks with high latency between the Data Validation Option Client and the Data Validation Option repository.

Repository Selection

Effective in version 9.5.1, you can select a repository faster when you have a large number of repositories, such as 10,000 repositories, defined in the Data Validation Option Client.
Previously, it took a few seconds to select a repository when a large number of repositories were defined in the Data Validation Option Client.