Table of Contents


  1. Preface
  2. Using the Designer
  3. Working with Sources
  4. Working with Flat Files
  5. Working with Targets
  6. Mappings
  7. Mapplets
  8. Mapping Parameters and Variables
  9. Working with User-Defined Functions
  10. Using the Debugger
  11. Viewing Data Lineage
  12. Comparing Objects
  13. Managing Business Components
  14. Creating Cubes and Dimensions
  15. Using the Mapping Wizards
  16. Datatype Reference
  17. Configure the Web Browser

Using Color Themes

Using Color Themes

Use color themes to quickly select the colors of the workspace elements in the Designer tools. When you apply a color theme, you update the colors of the workspace elements in all the Designer tools collectively. You can choose from the following standard color themes:
  • Informatica Classic.
    This is the standard color scheme for workspace elements. The workspace background is gray, the workspace text is white, and the link colors are blue, red, blue-gray, dark green, and black.
  • High Contrast Black.
    Bright link colors stand out against the black background. The workspace background is black, the workspace text is white, and the link colors are purple, red, light blue, bright green, and white.
  • Colored Backgrounds.
    Each Designer tool has a different pastel-colored workspace background. The workspace text is black, and the link colors are the same as in the Informatica Classic color theme.
After you select a color theme for the Designer tools, you can modify the color of individual workspace elements. Changes that you make to individual elements do not appear in the Preview section of the Theme Selector dialog box.
To select a color theme for the Designer tools:
  1. In the Designer, click Tools > Options.
  2. Click the Format tab.
  3. In the Color Themes section of the Format tab, click Select Theme.
  4. Select a theme from the Theme menu.
  5. Click the tabs in the Preview section to see how the workspace elements appear in each of the Designer tools.
  6. Click OK to apply the color theme.

Updated July 02, 2020