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  1. Preface
  2. Part 1: Installation Getting Started
  3. Part 2: Before You Install the Services
  4. Part 3: Run the Services Installer
  5. Part 4: After You Install the Services
  6. Part 5: Informatica Client Installation
  7. Part 6: Uninstallation
  8. Appendix A: Starting and Stopping Informatica Services
  9. Appendix B: Connecting to Databases from UNIX or Linux
  10. Appendix C: Connecting to Databases from Windows
  11. Appendix D: Updating the DynamicSections Parameter of a DB2 Database

Installation for PowerCenter and Data Quality

Installation for PowerCenter and Data Quality

Create the Search Service

Create the Search Service

Use the service creation wizard in the Administrator tool to create the service.
Before you create the Search Service, verify that you have created and enabled the following services:

    Model Repository Service

    Data Integration Service

    Analyst Service

  1. In the Administrator tool, click the
  2. Click
    Search Service
    New Search Service
    dialog box appears.
  3. On the
    New Search Service - Step 1 of 2
    page, enter the following properties:
    Name of the service. The name is not case sensitive and must be unique within the domain. It cannot exceed 128 characters or begin with @. It also cannot contain spaces or the following special characters:
    ` ~ % ^ * + = { } \ ; : ' " / ? . , < > | ! ( ) ] [
    Description of the service. The description cannot exceed 765 characters.
    Domain and folder where the service is created. Click
    to choose a different folder. You can move the service after you create it.
    License object that allows use of the service.
    Node on which the service runs.
  4. Click
    New Search Service - Step 2 of 2
    page appears.
  5. Enter the following search properties for the Search Service:
    Port Number
    Port number to use for the Search Service.
    Index Location
    Directory that contains the search index files. Enter a directory on the machine that runs the Search Service. If the directory does not exist, Informatica creates the directory when it creates the Search Service.
    Extraction Interval
    Interval in seconds at which the Search Service extracts and indexes updated content. Default is 60 seconds.
    Model Repository Service
    Model Repository Service to associate with the service.
    User Name
    User name that the service uses to access the Model Repository Service. Enter the Model repository user that you created.
    Password for the Model repository user.
    Security Domain
    LDAP security domain for the Model repository user. The field appears when the Informatica domain contains an LDAP security domain. Not available for a domain with Kerberos authentication.
  6. Click
    The domain creates the Search Service. The domain does not enable the Search Service during the creation process. You must enable the Search Service before users can perform searches in the Analyst tool and Business Glossary Desktop.
  7. To enable the Search Service, select the service in the Navigator, and then click
    Enable Service
    The Model Repository Service, Data Integration Service, and Analyst Service must be running to enable the Search Service.
After you create the service through the wizard, you can edit the properties or configure other properties.


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