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  1. Version 10.1.1
  2. Version 10.1
  3. Version 10.0
  4. Version 9.6.1
  5. Version 9.6.0

Schema Names in IBM DB2 Connections

Effective in version 9.6.1 HotFix 4, when you use an IBM DB2 connection to import a table in the Developer tool or the Analyst tool, you can specify one or more schema names from which you want to import the table. Use the ischemaname attribute in the metadata connection string URL to specify the schema names. Use the pipe (|) character to separate multiple schema names.
For example, enter the following syntax in the metadata connection string URL:
jdbc:informatica:db2://<host name>:<port>;DatabaseName=<database name>;ischemaname=<schema_name1>|<schema_name2>|<schema_name3>
For more information, see the
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