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  1. Version 10.1.1
  2. Version 10.1
  3. Version 10.0
  4. Version 9.6.1
  5. Version 9.6.0

Informatica Developer

Informatica Developer

This section describes new Informatica Developer features in version 9.6.1 HotFix 1.

Customized Data Object Write Properties

Effective in version 9.6.1 HotFix 1, the Truncate Hive Target Partition property is added to the customized data object write properties. This property overwrites the partition in the Hive target in which the data is being inserted. To enable this option, you must also select the option to truncate target tables.
For more information, see the
Informatica 9.6.1 HotFix 1 Developer Tool Guide