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  3. Configuration Steps for Address Reference Data
  4. Appendix A: Address Validator Transformation Advanced Properties

Dual Address Priority

Dual Address Priority

Determines the type of address to validate. Set the property when input address records contain more than one type of valid address data.
For example, use the property when an address record contains both post office box elements and street elements. Address validation reads the data elements that contain the type of address data that you specify. Address validation ignores any incompatible data in the address.
The following table describes the options on the Dual Address Priority property:
Delivery service
Validates delivery service data elements in an address, such as post office box elements.
Postal admin
Validates the address elements required by the local mail carrier. Default option.
Validates street data elements in an address, such as building number elements and street name elements.

Updated August 04, 2020