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  1. Preface
  2. Content Installation
  3. Configuration Steps for Address Reference Data
  4. Appendix A: Address Validator Transformation Advanced Properties

Global Max Field Length

Global Max Field Length

Determines the maximum number of characters on any line in the address. If the Address Validator transformation writes an output address line that contains more characters than you specify, the transformation abbreviates the address elements on the line.
Use the property to control the line length in the address. For example, the SNA standards require that an address contains no more than 38 characters on any line. If you generate addresses to the SNA standard, set the Global Max Field Length to 38.
Default is 1024.

Parameter Usage

You can use a parameter to specify the maximum number of addresses. To set the parameter value, enter an integer from 0 through 1024.

Updated August 04, 2020