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  1. Preface
  2. Content Installation
  3. Configuration Steps for Address Reference Data
  4. Appendix A: Address Validator Transformation Advanced Properties

Matching Alternatives

Matching Alternatives

Determines whether address validation recognizes alternative place names, such as synonyms or historical names, in an input address. The property applies to street, locality, and province data.
The Matching Alternatives property does not preserve alternative names in a validated address.
The following table describes the Matching Alternatives options:
Recognizes all known alternative street names and place names. Default option.
Archives only
Recognizes historical names only. For example, address validation validates "Constantinople" as a historical version of "Istanbul."
Does not recognize alternative street names or place names.
Synonyms only
Recognizes synonyms and exonyms only. For example, address validation validates "Londres" as an exonym of "London."

Updated August 04, 2020