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  4. Appendix A: Address Validator Transformation Advanced Properties

Ranges To Expand

Ranges To Expand

Determines how the Address Validator transformation returns suggested addresses for a street address that does not specify a house number. Use the property when the transformation runs in suggestion list mode.
The Address Validator transformation reads a partial or incomplete street address in suggestion list mode. The transformation compares the address to the address reference data, and it returns all similar addresses to the end user. If the input address does not contain a house number, the transformation can return one or more house number suggestions for the street. The Ranges to Expand property determines how the transformation returns the addresses.
The transformation can return the range of valid house numbers in a single address, or it can return a separate address for each valid house number. The transformation can also return an address for each number in the range from the lowest to the highest house number on the street.
The following table describes the options on the property:
Address validation returns a suggested address for every house number in the range of possible house numbers on the street.
Address validation returns a single address that identifies the lowest and highest house numbers in the valid range for the street.
Only with valid items
Address validation returns a suggested address for every house number that the address reference data recognizes as a deliverable address.
Suggestion list mode can use other elements in the address to specify the valid range of street numbers. For example, a ZIP Code might identify the city block that contains the address mailbox. The Address Validator transformation can use the ZIP Code to identify the lowest and highest valid house numbers on the block.
If the transformation cannot determine a house number range within practical limits, the number of suggested addresses can grow to an unusable size. To restrict the number of addresses that the Ranges to Expand property generates, set the Flexible Range Expansion property to On.

Updated August 04, 2020