Table of Contents


  1. Preface
  2. Part 1: Version 10.4.0
  3. Part 2: Version 10.2.2
  4. Part 3: Version 10.2.1
  5. Part 4: Version 10.2
  6. Part 5: Version 10.1.1
  7. Part 6: Version 10.1

Aggregator Transformation

Aggregator Transformation

Effective in version 10.2.2, a streaming mapping must meet the following additional requirements if it contains an Aggregator transformation:
  • A streaming mapping must have the Window transformation directly upstream from an Aggregator transformation. Previously, you could use an Aggregator transformation anywhere in the pipeline after the Window transformation.
  • A streaming mapping can have a single Aggregator transformation. Previously, you could use multiple Aggregator transformations in a streaming mapping.


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