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  1. Version 6.4.3 HotFix 1
  2. Version 6.4.3
  3. Version 6.4 HotFix 2
  4. Version 6.4 HotFix 1
  5. Version 6.4
  6. Version 6.3
  7. Version 6.2 Hot Fix 2
  8. Version 6.2 Hot Fix 1
  9. Version 6.2
  10. Version 6.1.1
  11. Version 6.1

Release Guide

Release Guide

File Archive Search

File Archive Search

The following enhancements are available in File Archive Search:

Search Retired Data

You can use the prebuilt application-accelerator metadata to search and examine data from a retired packaged application. To access retired entities in Data Discovery and to keep the table relationships that existed at the time of retirement, you must first copy the entity from a prebuilt application version to the custom application version in Enterprise Data Manager. Then, assign the appropriate file archive access role to the entity to access this entity in file archive search.

Reference-Table Columns

You can search the file archive based on columns in a reference-table. To search for data using a reference-table column, select the reference table and its columns from the Search Options page.

Date-Format Conversion

You can use the Gregorian-format to search for data based on dates, even if the date field has a Julian format. To enable this, you must select the data-conversion option on the Search Options page.

Number of Rows in Technical View

You can configure the maximum number of rows to display for each child table in the Search File Archive technical view by configuring the
property in the
For more information, see the
Informatica Data Archive 6.1.1 Administrator Guide


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